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Orana Engineering Townsville


QGC AIWT Design Review

Hutchinson Builders Toowoomba was contracted to deliver portions of the Water Aquifer Injection Trial at QGC’s Woleebee Creek site.  Prior to commencing construction, Hutchinson Builders engaged Orana Engineering to perform a design review of all technical documentation associated with the Pond Transfer Pump Station, limited to the engineering discipline of mechanical.  The design review aimed to determine whether or not sufficient detailed information had been provided to Hutchinson Builders that would reasonably allow them to successfully complete construction, or where not provided, what additional detailed design may be required by Hutchinson Builders such that they could successfully complete construction.  Orana Engineering completed and issued the design review report to Hutchinson Builders which detailed the recommendations from the review.

During construction, Hutchinson Builders also engaged Orana Engineering to perform an inspection of a buried HDPE pipeline.  The purpose of the inspection was to assess the construction of the pipeline to the requirements of the engineering drawings and specifications.  Orana Engineering completed a site visit to perform the inspection and provide the necessary inspection documentation.

The project had strict timeframes which were adhered to by Orana Engineering.  The work was completed by employees from Orana Engineering’s Chinchilla Office located in close proximity to the site and surrounding CSG industry.

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