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Orana Engineering Townsville


Heavy Vehicle Washdown Facility

MMG's Karumba Port Facility engaged Orana Engineering to design a heavy vehicle washdown facility to assist with management of concentrate for vehicles and machines used onsite. The project time frame was very short due to operational requirements, such that Orana Engineering had to work from concept to IFC drawings within 7 days. Orana Engineering's quality assurance system allowed the design to be completed quickly whilst ensuring a high level of quality for our client.

Orana Engineering was required to prepare a design that was trafficable to a number of different vehicles from fully laden container trailers to a 30 tonne forklift, whilst also ensuring the washdown facility was easy to keep clean, maintain and ensure that all runoff was captured for environmental compliance.

Orana Engineering worked with our client to prepare concept sketches for client review, from which point a detailed design was efficiently developed to meet our client's requirements. Only through effective and timely communication with our client was Orana Engineering able to deliver the design in such a compressed timeline, to our client's specification and within budget.

If you would like any more information or details about Orana Engineering's design drafting or engineering services capability, please do not hesitate to contact us or review our capabilities.