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Orana Engineering Townsville


Gold Slurry Sampler

Orana Engineering was engaged to design a new sampling equipment installation to improve sampling effectiveness at Carpentaria Gold’s Ravenswood operations.

An initial site visit was undertaken by Orana Engineering design staff in conjunction with Ravenswood operations personnel to determine the extent of the work required, whilst simultaneously recording critical data that could be utilized by Orana Engineering’s design drafting team.  The accurate site visit documentation allowed for design staff to produce a detailed 3D model that was used extensively during correspondence and consultation with the client to ensure a fluent understanding of the project scope by both parties throughout the design process.

A major hurdle presented by this project came in the form of corresponding with a South American vendor who the client had previously enlisted to supply critical pieces of sampling equipment.  Evidently, the components designed by Orana Engineering would rely heavily on the information supplied by the Chilean vendor.  Clear and concise correspondence was required to overcome language barriers and differing time zones, whilst ensuring that the required information was obtained efficiently and in a timely manner.

Orana Engineering was able to integrate the sampling equipment into the existing plant operations whilst minimising the overall impact on the operation.  This was particularly challenging for the plant tailings stream where plant geometry constraints required a unique engineering solution.

Orana Engineering was able to work with our client to overcome the various challenges of this project and successfully deliver drawings for the fabrication and installation of equipment that will allow for improved sampling and associated production reconciliation whilst minimising impact to normal operations.  For further information about Orana Engineering’s design drafting or engineering services capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact us or review our capabilities