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Orana Engineering Townsville


Engineering for Oil & Gas Operations 

The Oil and Gas sector in Queensland has experienced rapid growth over the past years with a number of basins throughout the region currently producing, or with the potential to produce oil and gas.  The Gas sector in particular is an area that benefits from the mechanical, electrical, structural and control systems engineering services that Orana Engineering can provide.  We are experienced working with clients in the Surat and Bowen Basins, and are strategically placed to support future expansion into the Galilee Basin. 

From the upstream operations of extracting, processing and compressing coal seam gas (CSG) to the downstream process of converting the gas into liquid natural gas (LNG) for shipment and export, our engineering services including design, project management, design drafting, revisions and drawing management are intended to support the ancillary services of the oil and gas industry including fixed plant and infrastructure such as water treatment plants, compressors and power stations.  Orana Engineering can also provide support for the ancillary services associated with Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) operations. 

It is important that any contractor or supplier to the oil and gas industry is familiar with acts and legislation that govern the operations onsite, and Orana Engineering ensures that staff are conversant with them.  For further information on the legislation, please follow the links below. 

Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004
Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Regulation 2004 

Explore the case studies below to learn more about the value we can add for our oil and gas clients. 

Orana Engineering Oil and Gas Engineering

Plant Condition Assessment

Orana Engineering was requested by Veolia Water to perform a condition assessment of relocatable assets at the Kenya Water Treatment Facility. The inspection and assessment covered civil/structural, mechanical and electrical assets for the facility. more

Building Certification

Monadelphous Group Limited was contracted to deliver the Talinga Pipeline Compression Facility (PCF) for Origin Energy’s Australia Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas (APLNG) project. more

Combabula Bore Pump

Prime Pump Company was contracted by Origin Energy and Laing O’Rourke to supply an upgraded bore pumping system at an existing bore site at the Origin Energy Combabula site. RIE Services was contracted by Prime Pump Company to provide supply and installation of the electrical components for the upgrade. more

APA Group Tender

APA Group released a project for tender that involved electrical and instrumentation works targeting to rectify minor hazardous area compliance issues identified in a hazardous area audit. Condamine Electric Company (CEC) tendered on this work and engaged Orana Engineering to prepare a detailed estimate of project costs necessary to complete the rectification works. more

QGC AIWT Design Review

Hutchinson Builders Toowoomba was contracted to deliver portions of the Water Aquifer Injection Trial at QGC’s Woleebee Creek site. Prior to commencing construction, Hutchinson Builders engaged Orana Engineering to perform a design review of all technical documentation associated with the Pond Transfer Pump Station, limited to the engineering discipline of mechanical. more