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Orana Engineering Townsville


Industrial Engineering

Industrial operations compliment and often support Queensland’s expanding mining and resources operations, providing additional and essential downstream services such as port logistics, smelting and refining.  Orana Engineering supports a range of industrial processing operations, manufacturers, heavy industry and logistics facilities across the state. 

Currently supporting industrial processing operations in the mining and heavy industrial sectors of coal, gold, copper, lead and zinc, Orana Engineering has the capabilities to support a wide range of industrial operations.

Servicing the Port Logistics sector, Orana Engineering is involved with design, project management, design drafting, revisions and drawing management for various port facilities including storage sheds and materials handling equipment such as conveying and tippling. 

Orana Engineering is well placed to provide mechanical, electrical, structural and control systems engineering services to any industrial or heavy industry client, with our hands-on approach and practical industry experience a valuable combination for our clients.  Explore the case studies below to learn more about the value we can add for our industrial clients.  

Orana Engineering industrial engineering

Tippler Refurbishment Feasibility

The Glencore Port Operations in Townsville operate an export facility for minerals concentrate and refined copper within the Port of Townsville precinct. The concentrate in-loading rotaside tippler has been identified as being at end of life and a feasibility study was commissioned in order to review the like-for-like replacement option for refurbishment of the tippler, considering the increased demand on the tippler moving forward. more

10M TAGS Sled

At James Cook University, MBD Energy operates a research facility investigating methods of cultivating and harvesting algae. To allow the scientists to better control the algae agitation sleds, MBD Energy engaged the services of Orana Engineering to design and commission the mechanical, electrical and control systems that would enable the agitation sled velocity and frequency of travel to be automated. more

Crane Lifting Beam

The mother beam of the 40T ship loading crane at the Port of Townsville had been in service for over 30 years and was nearing the end of its service life. With regulatory compliance changes and much improved safety practices in the past 30 years, Xstrata Copper (now Glencore) engaged Orana Engineering to redesign the mother beam based on the existing beam and incorporating required changes to meet the current compliance requirements. This was also an opportunity to improve the current design by incorporating feedback from the crane operators and maintenance personnel. more

Tank Farm Upgrade

Melbourne Bio Diesel’s (MBD) James Cook University (JCU) research facility required an elevated level area to allow the installation of a series of tanks for the purpose of storing fresh sea water. Orana Engineering was requested to provide a design solution that not only increased efficiency with the tank draining but to also improve safety around the new tanks. more