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Orana Engineering Townsville


Water Polishing Plant Access Platform

The BHPB Cannington Port Storage Facility located at the Townsville Port operates a Water Polishing Plant for the treatment of site stored water.  The Water Polishing Plant Filtration system requires regular maintenance in order to replace Filtration Rods.  With the Filter Bank maintenance ports being at a level that cannot be accessed from ground level, it was necessary to arrange work platforms to perform this maintenance.

To simplify this maintenance task thereby improving safety as well as reducing the time and the cost to perform the task, BHPB Cannington identified the need for the installation of a permanent access platform.

BHPB Cannington engaged Orana Engineering to design a platform that would allow easy access to the maintenance port on the filter bank, while ensuring that access to existing services was not compromised (e.g. Isolation Valve, pressure sensors etc.).

Utilising AutoDesk Inventor, Orana Engineering was able to model the platform and verify that the structure would not impact on the existing structure, services and access routes in the area and ensured a safe working platform for the workers performing maintenance on the Filter Bank.  After the model was verified, shop detail fabrication drawings were produced.

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