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Orana Engineering Townsville


UG Conveyor Installations – MG32 Tripper Mechanical Design

In high capacity longwall conveyor arrangements, the installation of a tripper will typically occur after the chamber has been fully developed.  The installation designed by Orana Engineering for the MG32 conveyor for Glencore’s Oaky No.1 underground coal mine detailed the arrangement of the tripper drives, brakes, pulley frame and load station. 

The mechanical design must consider a number of factors, including meeting the required operating capabilities, allowing for unimpeded access along any travel roads in the area, and maintaining minimum belt curves (conveyor structure design).  The design is largely dependent on the civil installation, which had been detailed by Orana Engineering for this installation. In many cases the equipment is simply re-located from previous installations with minor modifications such as number of drives required and installation grade.  Orana Engineering has developed unique methods for completing this type of design, becoming more efficient with every installation and keeping the total cost down for our client. 

Orana Engineering used AutoCAD to develop a mechanical design that worked within the required parameters and met the client’s constructability requirements.  From this design, Orana Engineering produced a drawing set that detailed out the mechanical aspects of the tripper installation, including equipment configurations.

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