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Orana Engineering Townsville


Treated Water Boost Pumps

The Oaky Creek Coal (OCC) operation uses an onsite RO plant to provide treated recycled water to be used by various operations on site. OCC recognised an opportunity to use this clean treated water as a water supply to critical equipment such as Horizontal Belt Filters (HBF).  Improving the equipment water quality led to a reduction in equipment downtime and lowered the maintenance requirements that are associated with poor water quality.  The result was not only an improvement in the efficiency of the equipment but of the whole operation.

OCC requested Orana Engineering to review the performance of two existing boost pumps that were intended to be re-allocated to provide high pressure treated water to a new HBF being installed in the CHPP. Orana Engineering performed the required hydraulic modelling, based on the known requirements of the new HBF and predicted future demand, to determine the suitability of the existing pumps for use in the new application.

Orana Engineering also reviewed the required piping arrangement to be used for the new system, providing the complete piping specification for the proposed installation.

Additionally, Orana Engineering prepared a control philosophy to be used by the control systems engineers to ensure the safe operation of the pumps under all possible operating conditions. This control system included a recirculation management system for low system demands, as well as flow rate,& pressure alarms and trips for pump protection.

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