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Orana Engineering Townsville


MG07 Conveyor – Civil Design

Carborough Downs Coal Mine is an underground operation located in Central Queensland that utilises conveyors to transport mined coal to the surface for processing.  As operations progress and new longwall headings are mined, new conveyor installations are also required.  Designing a conveyor installation involves 3 major stages:  the drive-head chamber design, the civil design, and the mechanical arrangement design.

During the installation of conveyors in an underground coal environment, it is vital that the civil design is detailed and installed accurately, as this is the basis for locating and installing the conveyor equipment.  Orana Engineering was engaged by Carborough Downs to complete this design.  On completion of the drive-head chamber mining, Orana Engineering was provided with “As-Cut” survey data which was used to determine the general grade and shape of the chamber.  The civil design had to consider a number of factors, including appropriate area drainage, the installation of a sump for local water management with adequate access, and concrete reinforcing and sacrificial bases for particular conveyor equipment.  It was also vital to minimise the amount of additional floor and rib trimming as this rework is both expensive and time consuming.

Orana Engineering used AutoCAD to develop a civil design that worked within the required parameters and met the client’s constructability requirements.  From this design, Orana Engineering produced a drawing set that detailed the civil aspects of the conveyor design, including floor/rib trimming, equipment hold down details, the configuration of concrete reinforcing and the overall grade of the concrete.

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