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Orana Engineering Townsville


Inner Bypass Valves

Orana Engineering was engaged by MMG's Century Mine in Western Queensland to investigate and design an upgrade within the concentrator to increase flow from a flotation cell to a tailings trough.

Orana Engineering performed an engineering review of the existing system and a concept investigation, including hydraulic modelling, for the various options available to increase the flow rate. Based on the selected option, detailed design was performed which included mechanical and structural design, drafting and engineering for the project. The primary deliverables for the project included a summary report of the design, and construction drawings.

Prior to progressing with concept design, the original design intent of the system was confirmed. Due to system limitations including the pipe route, the design required the use of a similar operational philosophy to the original system. Using a combination of gravity-fed full pipe and channel flow, hydraulic modelling was performed to identify viable options for increasing the flow rate, including modifying the existing pipeline or installing a new parallel pipeline. Results were presented for a range of design and operating conditions, and a preferred option was selected for detailed design. The flow modelling was revised based on the outcomes of the detailed design phase.

Using Autodesk Inventor, Orana Engineering design staff created a 3D model of the new pipeline based on the concept route provided by the Client. The 3D model was used to produce fabrication drawings for the pipe supports, new platform and new pipe bridge. The drawing set also included isometric pipe spool drawings and revised P&ID drawings. The drawings were initially issued to the client for approval, which allowed the client to review the drawing layout and pipeline design prior to drawings being "Issued for Construction". The various phases of this project were completed within a short time frame, which was only possible through prompt and concise communication with the client and Orana Engineering's rigorous quality assurance process.

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