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Orana Engineering Townsville


F100 Reagent Modifications

Orana Engineering was engaged by MMG's Century Mine in Western Queensland to perform an engineering review of a proposed reagent dosing system within the concentrator.

Orana Engineering performed an investigation, including hydraulic modelling, for various reagent dosing system philosophies. The options included combinations of VSD pumps, control valve throttling, pressure sustaining valves and a ring main return. Results were presented for a range of design and operating conditions, and 3 viable solutions were proposed that could each meet our client's design requirements. Based on factors such as the control system complexity and cost, Orana Engineering recommended a preferred option, along with a back-up option requiring only minor system modifications.

This engineering review was completed within a very short timeframe, and a detailed report was provided with results of the hydraulic modelling and required operational settings for each option (including pump speeds, control valve openings and valve pressure settings). Our client was able to use the results of this detailed investigation to make a decision in relation to the solution that would be implemented.

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