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Orana Engineering Townsville


Ball Mill #2 Recommissioning

Eloise Copper Mine (ECM) had a requirement to recommission their No.2 Ball Mill. During the process of the recommissioning works it was identified that a means to relocate the grinding media to the feed chute needed to be designed and engineered with RPEQ certification.

Orana Engineering was contacted to provide our design drafting and engineering services to design a practical solution. A monorail complete with electric hoist and trolley was seen as being the most practical solution to relocate the grinding media to the necessary location. Being a brownfield engineering project, a number of challenges presented themselves while locating the monorail within the existing structure. Orana Engineering was able work within the constraints of the existing structure to design the monorail to meet the needs of ECM.

The structural engineering of the monorail saw a number of load checks being performed not only on the new monorail design but also to the existing structure to ensure it was capable of dealing with the additional monorail imposed loads.

Orana Engineering was able to take all the elements of the structural engineering review and the design of the monorail to produce a set of RPEQ certified fabrication and installation drawings to ensure the upgraded structure was fit for purpose.

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