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Orana Engineering Townsville


APA Group Tender

APA Group released a project for tender that involved electrical and instrumentation works targeting to rectify minor hazardous area compliance issues identified in a hazardous area audit.  Condamine Electric Company (CEC) tendered on this work and engaged Orana Engineering to prepare a detailed estimate of project costs necessary to complete the rectification works.

Orana Engineering completed a detailed review of the scope of works and drawings provided in the tender documentation to ascertain the required works.  Quotes for non-standard equipment were obtained and a detailed cost estimate was created including material and labour supply, supervision and project management, mobilisation and demobilisation costs.

Orana Engineering compiled a comprehensive list of questions identified during the review of the scope for CEC to have answered during the tender site visit.  With the additional details Orana Engineering finalised and delivered the complete capital estimate for CEC to use for tendering.

With Orana Engineering’s electrical engineering and brownfield engineering experience, all required scope was quickly and efficiently identified.  Orana Engineering’s assistance provided CEC a short term increase in their quoting capacity.

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