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Drawing management systems add value to sites that want to easily access and manage their drawing information. A good drawing management system brings together the information in a system that is easy to use, allows the right people access to the right drawings, and prevents frustrations of not being able to find drawings or wasting time and money revising out of date information.

With the right level of processes and procedures, the complicated tasks of managing drawing revisions and drawing version control can be simplified for the end user, ensuring that drawings remain current, accessible and therefore useful onsite.....Read more | Show less

Drawing management is a complex process that can be made to look simple to the user via rigid structures and processes.  As drawings progress and new revisions evolve it can become increasingly complicated to track the most recent revision and who it has been issued to.  A drawing management system allows these drawings to be tracked through use on multiple projects at any one time, allowing updates to be distributed to all those relying on the drawings, and identifying potential flow on effects a drawing revision might have on existing drawings and other projects.

With sufficient procedures, even the most complicated drawing revisions and registers can be easily accessed and managed.  Clients can have confidence that revisions or designs are created from the correct information, taking into account the most recent and up to date revision, saving time that may have been spent recreating information already available, or updating information that was out of date and irrelevant.

Orana Engineering has developed the capabilities and resources to provide a complete design drafting and drawing management service for the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, structural and control systems

Drawing management services range from initial drawings registration projects through to long term drawing management and include:

  • Audits – identify the state of a site’s current drawing management system and work with the client to develop a suitable proposal where deficiencies may exist;
  • Initial Drawings Registration – “drawing a line in the sand” considering the latest revision of every drawing that exists and compiling an initial dataset to be used as a source of reference.  If the drawing register is not accurate, users are less likely to rely upon it and therefore less likely to update the information required to maintain the drawing register (e.g. new drawings, as-built mark-ups, drawing revisions).  This initial foundation step will ensure that any system put into place will stand the test of time;
  •  Develop and Implement Procedures – Orana Engineering will revise the existing systems or create new procedures for managing drawings that are specific to the site’s requirements and complexities. We specialise in customising the systems to the level that our clients require for their specific site’s needs;
  • Manage and Maintain Drawings Long Term – effectively becoming the “gate keeper” to the drawing database, maintaining field drawings and providing workers with access to the latest revision drawings.  The register and drawings need to be maintained to ensure their ongoing accuracy.  This is performed using document management software packages either provided by Orana Engineering, or utilising clients’ existing software packages; and
  • Drawing Revisions – registering and managing all revisions as well as carrying out design drafting and drawing revisions.  Orana Engineering has the resources and capabilities to provide our clients with a complete engineering and design solution to perform any engineering design revisions, as-built revision and importantly maintain the register of a site’s drawings.

Orana Engineering can develop a customised, simple to use and effective drawing management system which can be self-managed, or managed by Orana Engineering on the client’s behalf on an ongoing basis

While implementing or upgrading a drawing management system can be a costly initiative, the immediate and long term benefits are far reaching.  Large cost savings can be realised via users having easy access to the correct revision of a drawing they need, in many cases providing personnel safety via ensuring they are using the correct information and meaning that they can always make an informed decision.  Drawing management systems are also key to achieving compliance with legislative requirements for some clients.

Making all drawings easily accessible via a searchable register saves time that may have been spent hunting through records.  When drawings are easy to search for, personnel are more likely to perform a search for drawings and therefore also more likely to use the correct and latest versions.  Personnel then feel encouraged to as-build markup any details of a drawing that are out of date if they know the marked-up revision will be updated into the register, which can be as simple as scanning (uploading) the marked-up revision into the drawing management system or performing an actual drawing revision to the electronic CAD file.

Another key benefit of maintaining drawing management systems is to maintenance and site personnel. Having prompt access to accurate drawings and information can help with:

  • providing key equipment information during breakdown situations;
  • drawings being readily available for prompt issue by site personnel to have an assembly urgently re-fabricated; and
  • site project engineers being able to compile drawing sets for issue to vendors and engineering consultancies for design and quoting.

Poor document control can create an unsafe working environment, or in the least provide an environment that is frustrating and inefficient.  A good drawing management system offers the confidence and assurance that the information or drawing is in fact the right one by tracking revisions in a logical and thorough process.  It can help with the feeling that you are in control of your drawings and ensure that drawings are only issued to and worked on by one person or organisation at a time, avoiding issues from potential double ups (e.g. two drawings carrying the same revision number but showing different content).

Orana Engineering has the resources and expertise to provide cost effective and value-adding drawing management systems.  Contact us to discuss your drawing management needs and how we can customise a solution that suits you

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Orana Engineering Drawing Management

Sewage Treatment Plant Refurbishment

To increase productivity as well as maintaining compliance with current legislative standards, Glencore Coal employed the services of Orana Engineering to design, manage and oversee the installation of the electrical portion of their sewage treatment plant upgrade. more

Electrical Drawing Registration

The electrical engineering team at Collinsville Coal found that approximately 280 drawings from a recent electrical upgrade were not available to all personnel via their drawing management system. In order to maintain regulatory compliance, Orana Engineering was engaged by Collinsville Coal to register and upload these drawings into their drawing management system, which Orana Engineering had previously assisted with developing. more

Electrical Specifications

To ensure site consistency of electrical design and installation standards as well as compliance with relevant Australian standards and state legislation, Oaky Creek Coal’s Electrical Engineering Manager (EEM) engaged the services of Orana Engineering for the preparation of new site electrical specifications. more

Process Water RO Plant Vendor Drawing Registration

After commissioning of their Process Water Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant, Oaky Creek Coal received approximately 150 electrical drawings from the vendor. To ensure that all of these drawings were readily available for the correct site personnel, Oaky Creek Coal (OCC) engaged the services of Orana Engineering for the purpose of registering these drawings into their drawing management system more

Carborough Downs Coal Drawing Management

Orana Engineering was engaged by Carborough Downs Coal Mine (CDCM) to design and implement a complete drawing management system from registering every drawings metadata to revising and maintaining the data base moving forward to maintain regulatory compliance. more

Tailings Pumping System - As-Built

At the completion of the Tailings Pumping Upgrade for both the Main CHPP and Module 4 CHPP at Oaky Creek Coal, Orana Engineering received As Built mark-up drawings and documentation by the site project manager and was requested to make electronic revisions to the drawings and upload them into the site drawing management system. more

Redraw Electrical Drawings

To ensure plant maintainability and personnel safety, Dyno Nobel employed the services of Orana Engineering to redraw its low voltage (LV) and high voltage (HV) single line diagrams (SLD) whilst also confirming the drawings accuracy and functionality. more

Onsite Accommodation As-Built Drawings

Following construction and commissioning of the Onsite Accommodation Camp at Oaky Creek Coal Mine located in Central Queensland, Orana Engineering was provided with “As-Built” mark-ups to the complete set of construction drawings for the Water Storage Facility, HV Substation, Water Treatment Plant tie-ins and supply pipeline. These drawing mark-ups largely confirmed that construction was in accordance with the civil, electrical and mechanical design developed by Orana Engineering, with only minor changes implemented during the construction and commissioning process (confirmation of “green” pipe spool lengths, etc.). more

Redraw Dragline DL007 Drawings

To improve the maintainability of plant electrical systems and personnel safety, Hail Creek Mine employed the drawing revision services of Orana Engineering to redraw all electrical power, control and termination diagrams associated with its Dragline 7 (DL007) into AutoCAD format more

OC1 Drawing Registration

Orana Engineering was approached by the Oaky Creek Coal No.1 Mine (OC1) to assist with drawing management assistance, to identify the latest revision of each drawing for all hard copy and electronic drawings that OC1 had onsite and ultimately create a register of the latest revision of every drawing. This register would draw a line in the sand and provide the ability to maintain all drawings within a structured document management system into the future. more

Collinsville Coal Drawing Registration Project

Orana Engineering was contacted by Collinsville Coal to conduct a high level review of their onsite drawing storage and management systems with respect to accessibility, security and regulatory compliance. During this review areas for improvement were identified and recommendations along with cost estimates were provided to Collinsville Coal to make an informed decision as to how they would improve the management of their drawings moving forward. more

Quantify Drawing Registration Works

Oaky Creek Coal’s Oaky North operations (OCN) requested Orana Engineering provide an accurate estimate to collate all of their existing drawings in all formats into a single register identifying the latest revision or every drawing. more

Mobile Plant Electrical Drawing Books

To improve the maintainability of plant electrical systems and personnel safety, Hail Creek Mine employed the drawing management services of Orana Engineering to create bound books of electrical drawings for Dragline 1 (DL001), Dragline 7 (DL007) and Shovel 14 (SH014). Multiple books were made for each machine (in A4 & A3 sizes). more